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    1,000 Edits!

    March 26, 2014 by Hockey Pro6

    Hey everybody! I have just recently hit 1,000 edits since my return and I can't thank everyone enough for helping me reach this momentous milestone! I would especially like to thank David231099 and Spydar007 for welcoming me to this wiki and making me feel a part of it. Wow, when I first joined I had no idea that I would make it this far and put so much effort into improving this wiki. I would also like to thank Gummyz1315 and Batreeqah for helping edit around this awesome wiki! And, most importantly, I hope you enjoy this awesome classic CP music!

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  • Hockey Pro6

    Hey everyone! I have decided to return to the wiki for a while to help sweep up some pages and upload some photos. I can not promise I will stay permanently, but I will stay to help out for a bit. Thank you for reading. Also, Happy Wikiaversary (made it up) to David! Congrats!

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