Hey everyone. I think it's finally time I made this blog post. These past few months have been REALLY slow, and this worries me. Not just because there haven't been many users coming and editing, but because we aren't editing much anymore either. I feel like I've been the only person editing in the past week - check and you'll see I'm right. We shouldn't go any further like this. I don't want this wiki to be silent, it should be full of life and music! Summer is coming up, and I know that more people will come: I came last summer. It's the perfect time to learn, edit, and help the wiki. I hope that you understand that we all need to be more active, and hopefully, things will get better around here.

P.S. Also, I will be away the weeks of July 13th through July 19th(DONE), and August 3rd through August 9th.

Gummyz1315 (talk)

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