The original Lodge Attic.

The Lodge Attic is a room in Club Penguin. It is the second floor of the Ski Lodge.

New Lodge Attic

The renovated Lodge Attic


  • It was opened in February 2006 due to the popularity of find four in the Ski Lodge.
  • The music was a remix of the Ice Fishing music with fire cracking and wind blowing noises in the background.
  • It was renovated on March 18th 2015 along with the Ski Lodge and now contains a number of "island relics" such as pictures, books and a Box Dimension portal.
    • The music was replaced with a western music remix.
  • After renovation, the music alternated between the original and new music for a couple of months. However, by June 2015 it became clear that the new music is permanent.


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