This is a list of all the music in Club Penguin's .swf files.


1-58 (Room Music)

100-125 (Game Music)

200-300 (Party Music 2005-10)

301-399 (Party Music 2011-13)

400-494 (Party Music 2013)

495-599 (2013-14)

601-697 (2014)

698-797 (2014)

798-899 (2014-15)

900-962 (2015-16)

1,000-1,099 (2015-16)

1,100-1,174 (2016-17)

Other (2012-16)

Notice: Any song labelled "Unknown" are called this because Club Penguin didn't give them a specific name. Also any name with a ? has this because we are not fully sure if it is correct, but we believe it so.


Music of Club Penguin
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Analysis of MusicAnalysis of Music (1-43)

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