Coffee Shop August 30th

The renovated Coffee Shop.

The Coffee Shop was a room in central Club Penguin, located in the Town Center. It was one of the original rooms in Club Penguin originating, along with the Town and Night Club, from Penguin Chat 3. It closed along with the rest of Club Penguin on March 30th 2017.


  • It had the same music since March 31st 2005.
    • Despite that it was renovated on August 29th 2012, the music remained the same.
      • It was given a remixed version of this song in 2014.
  • The original music ID was "1", meaning it was one of the first songs on Club Penguin.
  • All the Anniversary Parties took place here.
  • It was home to two mini games: Bean Counters (since 2005) and Smoothie Smash (since 2012).


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